Have I lost you yet?

According to Facebook people spend 1.7 seconds with a piece of content on mobile and 2.5 seconds on desktop.

With such a fast pace of content consumption how can start-ups build their brand?

It’s tempting to want to fit in but if you’ve started something new it’s more important to stand out. Start with a brand identity (logo, colours etc. that make up the visual representation of the business) that is striking, clear and simple to apply.

If no one notices you it doesn’t matter what you say.

In 1956 a cognitive psychologist at Princeton University name George Miller determined that on average people can hold 7 objects in their short term memory. Keep your communication simple and to the point. Don’t tell people everything all at once. Tell them one thing at a time.

Saying too much is the same as saying nothing at all.

Just do it’ isn’t well known because it’s a great line. It has been repeated so often you can’t forget it. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try different things or change when things aren’t working. Just make sure you give enough people a chance to digest your messages so you know why you’re changing.

No matter how many times you say something, there will always be someone who hasn’t heard you. So say it again for them.

If you made it this far you’re seriously breaking the law of averages for content consumption.